Aces High

A new era in flying scale warbirds has dawned. Lightweight wood construction combined with intelligent design and photo-realistic finishing gives you the high performance, most scale RC warplanes yet.

Focke-Wulf 190 - The first model from Aces High shows that scale models can hold the flight performance to rival purpose-built aerobatic airplanes. Scale flaps and a highly-developed airfoil keep the low-speed handling safe and easy. Electric retracts are included.

The realistic details on the models respect the service life of the full scale subject. These aircraft were at war; pilots and service crew were not worried about chipping paint if they were in the middle of a scramble. Aces High reproduces aircraft as it was in service, dirt, paint chips and all.

Some may notice in the photos the details which vary from one side of the aircraft to the other. Aces High separately research each side for accuracy of detail. Each side may have different access panels, markings and insignia.