Extreme Flight - 94" MXS-EXP - Red / Blue

Extreme Flight - 94" MXS-EXP - Red / Blue

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The long awaited Extreme Flight 94 inch MXS-EXP has finally landed on U.S. shores! Loaded with the latest aerodynamic updates, construction methods and materials, the MXS-EXP is the embodiment of the modern aerobatic machine, delivering what we all admire about Extreme Flight aircraft; high alpha stability and grace, award winning precision flight characteristics and mind numbing gyroscopic tumbling capabilities. Whether you fly 3D, precision aerobatics or XA, the Extreme Flight MXS-EXP is the machine for you!

  • Huge oversized EXP control surfaces for maximum agility
  • Carbon fiber reinforced structure
  • Carbon fiber wing and stab tubes, landing gear and tailwheel assembly
  • Includes SFGs and racing wing tips that are easily installed at the field
  • Two high visibility Oracover color schemes
  • Premium hardware package included

Extreme Flight Team Pilot Jase Dussia writes about the 94" MXS-EXP:

Wringing out the new Extreme Flight 94" MXS EXP at Nall! I had a blast ripping on this thing at the 3D line. It is powered by the DA-70 which pulls it around with insane power. It is guided by the Spektrum DX-18. This airplane is one of my favorite 50cc-70cc size airplanes from EF. It rolls crazy fast, tracks on rails and snaps amazingly well in precision, and floats around nicely in 3D. This airplane is soon to be released this summer. I believe it is definitely ready and it will tear it up at 3D events everywhere. This is one of my favorites for sure! Enjoy!

Jase Dussia flying the 94" MXS at Joe Nall 2015
Jase Dussia night flying the 94" MXS
Jase Dussia flying the 94" MXS

Product Information


Wingspan: 94 inches including racing wing tips (88 inches without)
Length: 90 inches
Wing Area: 1725 square inches
Weight: 19-21 pounds
Power: 60-70cc
Radio: Modern computer radio with channel mixing capability and 5 high torque, Metal gear servos (300+ oz. in.) on control surfaces, standard servo on throttle. Hitec 7950, 7955, MKS-HV777 or MKS-HBL380 are all possible options

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