Jetpack Commander RTF Quad: Red

Jetpack Commander RTF Quad: Red

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Jetpack Commander RTF Quad: Red

The Jetpack Commander is the ideal product for customers who have been looking for a unique, easy to fly quad that also has several levels of play value to make the product more interesting and fun. Because of the small, lightweight size, it can fly indoors or outside in calm conditions. The Jetpack Commander also includes fun play features like a landing pad, a stunt hoop, and streamers for testing your skills against your friends.

The Jetpack Commander RTF is a unique, fun aircraft that is easy to fly, yet small enough to fly around the house. The built-in 6-axis gyro control system provides amazing stability, features like Auto Take-Off and Landing and Altitude Hold assist in learning to control the Jetpack Commander. The Dual Rate feature enables you to increase the speed and agility of the aircraft as your skills progress and you can even add 360° flips m any direction to your flying repertoire.

Available in two colors, buyers may also use the included sticker sheets to customize and personalize the Jetpack Commander to make theirs stand apart from the crowd.

• One touch take-off and landing helps makes it easy to fly.
• Durable design and construction withstands crashes.
• Altitude hold feature allows new pilots to easily learn how to maneuver the aircraft.
• Dual Rates give flight sensitivity options to match your flying skill level.
• 6-Axis Gyro Control for smooth level flight.
• Capable of 360° flips in any direction.
• Includes fun play features like combat streamers, a landing pad, and a stunt hoop.

• 3 AAA batteries for the transmitter

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