Legacy Aviation - 44" Turbo Duster - YELLOW Scheme

Legacy Aviation - 44" Turbo Duster - YELLOW Scheme

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Power Combo:
Omega 103g motor [+$45.00]
Airboss 45amp ESC [+$75.00]
Don't forget the spinner!
Black - 40mm [+$3.00]
Dark Blue - 40mm [+$3.00]
Yellow - 40mm [+$3.00]
Save on servos with combo pricing!
(6) Hitec HS-HS-70MG [+$191.94]
(6) Savox SH-0255MG [+$170.94]
(6) MKS DS6100 [+$219.45]
Don't forget your prop!
11x7 Falcon Wood Electric [+$6.00]
12x6 Falcon Wood Electric [+$8.00]

Legacy Aviation 44" Turbo Duster

Product Information

We've all stopped on the side of the road to watch cropdusters at work. Practical aerobatics combined with real precision flying makes it very cool to see. The 44" Turbo Duster captures the spirit of the latest-technology full-scale dusters.

The Turbo Duster ARF is quick to build, strong, light, and is very high-performance. In addition to all of the low-level scale maneuvers, you can take the Duster to the extremes of high-energy tumbling aerobatics, or you can fly it as a gentle and predictable sport airplane – it's up to you!

The Duster uses simple, inexpensive equipment, such as a 100g outrunner motor, 3S 2200 lipo, and 6 micro servos. The flaps can (and should!) be programmed for a variety of fun modes, to give an extra-wide flight envelope. The Duster is going to delight you with its many talents!

Legacy Aviation 44" Turbo Duster


Winspan: 44"
Length: 37" with spinner
Weight 36-41oz

Electric Power System

Omega 103g with 11 x5.5 or 12 x 6 electric prop
Airboss 45 amp ESC
3S 1800-2500 mah Lipo


Qty. 6 micro servos


Qty. 2 x 6" extension for ailerons
Qty. 2 x 12" extension for rudder and elevator


40 mm electric

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