Legacy Aviation - 65" Turbo Bushmaster - YELLOW Scheme

Legacy Aviation - 65" Turbo Bushmaster - YELLOW Scheme

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Power Combo:
Xpwr T3910 and Airboss 80 amp ESC [+$160.00]
Xpwr T3910 motor [+$70.00]
Don't forget the spinner!
Black - 52mm [+$6.00]
Yellow - 52mm [+$6.00]
Save on servos with combo pricing!
(4) Hitec HS-70MG [+$120.00]
(2) Hitec HS-5085MH [+$75.00]
(2) 12" and (1) 18" - 28 AWG extensions [+$10.97]
Castle Creations CC Bec 10A [+$21.00]
Don't forget your prop!
14x7 Falcon Wood Electric [+$9.00]
15x7 Falcon Wood Electric [+$10.00]

Legacy Aviation 65" Turbo Bushmaster

Product Information

The Legacy Aviation 84" Turbo Bushmaster has taken the modeling world by storm! Folks have been astounded by the duality of this design; light, gentle, floaty and extremely well mannered. Easy to fly for the average sport flyer, yet extremely capable of all manner of aerobatic flying and high lift/high drag flap induced antics! Extreme Flight CEO Chris Hinson has said that this is his favorite plane produced thus far!

As soon as the 84" Bushmaster entered the market we started getting questions about the possibility of other sizes. We already knew this design was a winner and had started work on a couple of different sizes. We are very happy to announce that a new 65" 4S version is now available! A bit smaller and easier to transport, the 65" Turbo Bushmaster delivers all of the performance and fun of the it's larger sibling! Designed around the awesome new Xpwr T3910 outrunner and a 4S 2500-3300 mah Lipo, this potent package packs a punch! Find out what all the fuss is about! The Bushmaster is about as much fun as you can have flying an RC aircraft!


Wingspan: 65"
Length: 51.5" with spinner
Weight 4.5-5 lbs.

Electric Power System

Xpwr T3910 with 14 x 8 or 15 x 7 beechwood electric prop
Airboss 80 amp ESC (Timing must be set to "HIGH")
4S 2500-3300 mah Lipo


Modern 7 channel with flap mixing capability


Qty. 4 metal gear sub-micro servos (Hitec HS-70MG) for flaps & ailerons
Qty. 2 metal gear micro (Hitec HS-5087MG) for elevator & rudder
Castle Creations BEC (10 amp)


Qty. 2 x 12" extension for ailerons
Qty. 1 x 18" extension for elevator


52 mm electric

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