3DHS - 52" Edge 540 - Orange

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Xpwr T3910 with Airboss 80A ESC [+$160.00]
Xpwr T3910 - Motor Only [+$70.00]
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(4) MKS HV69 Premium Digital HV [+$237.50]
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EF 28 Lightweight Extension Package - 6" (2), 18" (2) [+$13.96]
Lightweight Servo Arms - 1.25" (x 4) 25T - MKS, Savox - Silver [+$23.96]

52" Edge 540

This new 52" Edge 540 is the third model in a series of midsized electrics built around the new Xpwr T3910 brushless outrunner. This size aircraft delivers big plane performance in a package that is easy to transport and maintain at a very reasonable price point.

The 3DHS 52" Edge 540 takes the groundbreaking tech first brought to market in the Extreme Flight 48" EXP models to a new level, including generous use of fiberglass and carbon fiber material to add strength while keeping overall weight very low. The result is a very robust airframe capable of handling most aerodynamic loads while remaining lightweight for superior performance. The Edge 540 excels in all modern aerobatic flight regimes including low and slow 3D, fast and aggressive XA and ultra precise precision flight.

An Extreme Flight Elite 57mm spinner is included!

Product Information


Wingspan: 52 inches
Length: 51.5 inches with spinner
Wing area: 565 square inches
Weight: 3.75-4 lbs.

Electric Power System

Xpwr T3910 electric motor
Airboss 80 amp electronic speed control
14 x 7 or 15 x 7 electric prop
4S 2500-3300 mAh batteries


57 mm EF spinner INCLUDED!


Qty. 4 Hitec 5087MH

Servo Arms

Four Extreme Flight lightweight 1.25" aluminum servo arms

Servo Extensions

Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 28 AWG 6" servo extensions for ailerons
Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 28 AWG 18" servo extensions for elevator and rudder

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