3DHS - 60" Slick 580 V2 PLUS - Red/White/Blue

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Container Offset Fee help
69" & Under [+$20.00]
Power Options
XPWR-22CC with Airboss 80A ESC [+$195.00]
XPWR-22CC [+$110.00]
Dualsky XM5050EA/515KV [+$95.00]
Hobbywing FlyFun 80A V5 ESC (3-6S) Brushless ESC [+$59.00]
HV Servo Savings Combos
MKS-HV747 x 4 [+$378.86]
Savox SV-1261MG x 4 [+$353.36]
Savox SV-1250MG x 4 [+$246.96]
Extensions and Arms
28AWG Lightweight Extension Package - 6" (2), 24" (1) [+$10.47]
Ltwt Servo Arms - 1.25" (x 3), 3" (x1) 25T - MKS, Savox - RED [+$31.25]
Socket Head Accessory Screws (fully threaded) - Qty. 100 [+$5.00]
BSI Insta-Cure Super Thin CA - 1oz [+$7.00]
BSI Insta-Cure+ Gap Filling CA - 1oz [+$7.00]

The popular 60" Slick has been updated to feature new schemes and additional carbon fiber!

60" Slick 580 V2 PLUS

The evolution of our legendary Slick design continues with the release of the new 60 inch Slick 580! Low and slow or fast and aggressive, the new Slick is well tested and highly refined, informed by close to a decade of experience with this airframe. Featuring a carbon reinforced skeleton and 2 gorgeous traditional Ultracote color schemes, the Slick 580's appearance matches its incredible performance. Paired with our 4016T/500, Airboss Elite 80 Amp ESC, a Xoar 16x7 prop and a 6S 3300-4000 mah battery, the Slick is a lethal 3D/XA weapon to add to your arsenal!

V2 Plus now features the new quick mount wing latch system.

60" Slick 580 V2 fun at eWeek!

Product Information


Wingspan: 60"
Length: 58.5" with spinner
Weight: 5-6 lbs.

Electric Power System

Electric Motor
Torque 4016T/500 MKII with 6S 3300-4000mAh, 16x7 prop
Electronic Speed Control
Airboss 80 


Qty. 4 Hitec HS-5245MG (Better)
Qty. 4 Hitec HS-7245MH (Best)
Qty. 4 MKS HV9767 (Awesome)

Servo Arms

Qty. 3 Extreme Flight Lightweight Servo Arms - 1.25" single
Qty. 1 Extreme Flight Lightweight Servo Arm - 3" double

Servo Extensions

2 x 6" Ailerons
1 x 24" Elevator


63 mm (2.5 inch) electric

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