3DHS - 75" Edge 540 - Orange

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30-40cc [+$40.00]
30-35cc Gas Engine Options
DA35 and stock muffler [+$584.00]
GP38 and Stock Muffler [+$440.00]
Tech Aero - IBEC [+$39.00]
14 oz Fuel Tank [+$23.00]
Fuel Line - 2 meters [+$6.99]
BLACK Anodized FUEL Dot [+$4.99]
BLACK Anodized VENT Dot [+$4.99]
30-35cc Electric Power Options
Xpwr 32CC Motor [+$191.96]
Blazing Star Standard Extra Long Standoff [+$36.50]
30-35cc Servo/Arm Package
MKS Servo Package - HV777A+ x 4 (surfaces) HV1250 x 1 (throttle) [+$592.08]
Savox Servo Package - SV1270TG x 4 (surfaces) Savox SC-1267SG x 1 (throttle) [+$468.30]
NWRC HD Servo Arm Kit - (3) 1.5", (1) 3.25" - 25T MKS, Savox, Futaba - BLACK [+$48.00]
NWRC HD Servo Arm Kit - (3) 1.5", (1) 3.25" - 25T MKS, Savox, Futaba - SILVER [+$48.00]
20AWG Extension Kit - (2) 3", (2) 6", (2) 24" [+$26.30]
30-35cc Prop and Spinner Options
Falcon 20x8 Carbon Fiber GAS [+$67.00]
Falcon 20x9 Carbon Fiber GAS [+$67.00]
Edge Style CF - 3.5" - Standard Finish [+$64.99]
Edge Style CF - 3.5" - Orange / Metallic Charcoal [+$70.99]

75" Edge 540

There are some aircraft that are a huge success right out of the gate and gain instant entry into the pantheon of the greats. The original 3DHS 74" Edge 540 was just such an aircraft. Beloved for its ability to be both stable and forgiving for the fledgling 3D enthusiast yet wildly aggressive and infinitely capable for the more experienced pilot, the 3DHS 74" Edge took the aerobatic community by storm. Now in 2018 Extreme Flight and 3DHS are very pleased to announce the release of the 75" EDGE 540, the logical evolution of this legendary design.

The 75" Edge 540 utilizes the latest in space age composites and laminates which provide increased strength and rigidity while allowing us to meet our target weight. The Edge 540 retains the aerodynamic package from the original model providing pilots with the same amazing flight characteristics. Bottom line, if you liked the original version, you are going to be blown away by this model! If you never got a chance to fly the original, be prepared to experience one of the most satisfying and exhilarating 3D aircraft currently available.

There is no better match for this aircraft than the Xpwr 30. This light weight powerhouse provides insane amounts of power for the Edge, approaching 300 Watts/pound! Utilizing the Blazing Star Standard XL standoff set, the Xpwr 30 can be accurately mounted in a few short minutes. There is a designated area to mount the recommended Castle 80HV and when combined with a Xoar 20x8 PJN and a quality set of 12S 3300-3700 mah batteries you will have a power package that motivates the Edge like no other! For those of you that fly our 60" models with the Torque 4016T/500, you already have a collection of these batteries that can now be used to power this amazing model. Amp draw is identical as are flight times. Of course, the Desert Aircraft DA-35 is the perfect choice for those who prefer a gas engine and will deliver astonishing performance in the Edge!

The Edge 540 is highly prefabricated and just plain simple to assemble. Most folks will have this one ready to fly in 2-3 relaxed evenings of assembly, requiring just slightly more effort than our 48" and 60" models.

Be prepared to be blown away by the new 3DHS 75" Edge 540!

Product Information


Wingspan: 75 inches with tips installed
Length: 71.5 inches
Wing Area: 1065 square inches, with tips installed
Weight: 10.5-11.5 pounds

Electric Power System

Xpwr 30cc electric motor
Blazing Star XL Standoff Set 
Castle Creations Edge HV-80 ESC
Electric beechwood electric propeller: 20 x 8, Xoar PJN
Battery: (2) 6S 3300-3700 mAh

Gas Power System

Desert Aircraft DA 35
Desert Aircraft DA 35 muffler
Falcon 20 x 8 carbon prop
FlowMaster 12 or 14 oz. fuel tank
EF Fuel Dot


EF 3.5" carbon spinner with aluminum backplate


Modern computer radio


Qty. 4 full size, metal gear hi-torque servos. MKS HV-1220 recommended.
Qty. 1 throttle servo for gas setup, MKS HV-1250 recommended.

Servo Arms

Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 1.5" single servo arms (tapped 3mm) for ailerons
Qty. 1 Extreme Flight 1.5" single servo arms (tapped for 3mm) for elevator
Qty. 1 Extreme Flight 3" double servo arm (tapped for 3mm) for pull-pull rudder

Servo Extensions

Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 20 awg 3 inch ( Rx to wing root)
Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 20 awg 6 inch (wing root to Aileron servo)
Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 20 AWG 24" for Elevator and Throttle servo or ESC

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