3DHS - 92" Edge 540 V2 - Red/White/Blue

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60-70cc Gas Engine Options
DA70 and Slimline Mufflers [+$989.00]
GP76 and Stock Mufflers [+$720.00]
Blazing Star Mount for DA-70 [+$44.95]
Blazing Star Mount for DA-60 (and GP76) [+$44.95]
24 oz. Fuel Tank [+$24.98]
Fuel Line - 2 meters [+$6.99]
Tech Aero IBEC [+$39.95]
60-70cc ELECTRIC Options
Xpwr 60cc Electric Motor [+$319.93]
Blazing Star XL Standoff [+$36.95]
60-70cc Servo, Arm, Extension Packages
MKS Servo Package - HV777A+ x 5 (Surfaces) MKS-HV1250 x 1 (Throttle) [+$716.10]
Savox Servo Package - SV2290 x 5 (surfaces) SC1267SG x 1 (Throttle) [+$710.94]
Push/Pull HD Servo Arm Kit - (2) 1.5", (3) 2" - 25T MKS, Savox, Futaba - BLUE [+$57.95]
Push/Pull HD Servo Arm Kit - (2) 1.5", (3) 2" - 25T MKS, Savox, Futaba - RED [+$57.95]
Push/Pull 20AWG Extension Kit - (2) 6", (2) 12", (1) 24", (3) 48" [+$47.42]

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92" Edge 540 V2

The classic 92" Edge 540 is now offered as version two, with updated carbon and composite structure. This Edge is built stronger and lighter then version one, while also allowing for the incredible DA 70 twin engine. Also included is a pre-built cockpit which includes pilot and dashboard.

The 92" Edge 540 from 3DHobbyShop is a scale 3D, precision, and sport aircraft for 50-70CC gas engines and 12S electric power setups.

The Edge 540 is a dominant full-scale aerobatic and racing aircraft. Flown by world aerobatic champions and top airshow pilots, it has extreme capabilities thanks to its unique wing design and Lycoming 540 cubic-inch engine.

The 3DHobbyShop model captures all of that performance and more. Our Edge 540 is a versatile and fun aircraft, with all of the characteristics you are looking for. Firstly, it has excellent sport handling characteristics, with easy landings and smooth flight. Secondly, it is very precise, with excellent tracking for long straight flight lines as well as precise point rolling maneuver and snaps. Thirdly, it is a 3d monster, featuring rock-solid harrier both upright and inverted, minimal coupling, excellent pitch authority for walls and waterfall-based maneuvers, and excellent low-speed rudder authority for radical rotation.

While the Edge works very well on 50-705cc engines with good speed and pullout from hover, we recommend the amazing DA 70 engine as a perfect match. With the DA 70 onboard, the Edge has stunning vertical performance. Because of its large control surfaces and wide speed range, we recommend only the best servos for the Edge. Minimally, you will need a digital metal gear servo with at least 250 oz-inches of torque for each of the 5 servo locations. For best performance, 290 or more oz-inches of torque is recommended. The 333 oz-in Hitec 7955-TG or 7954SH are excellent choices. For the best possible performance, consider the MKS HV777A+, HBL 599 or HBL380 Brushless servo.

DA 70 powered 92" Edge 540 flown by Jase Dussia!

Product Information


Winspan: 91"
Length: 91"
Wing Area: 1500 Sq. Inches
Weight 17-20 lbs.

Gas Power System

Blazing Star DA 70 standoff
Flowmaster 17 or 24 oz. fuel tank
EF Fuel Dot

Electric Power System

Xpwr 60cc motor
Castle Creations ICE HV160 ESC
12S 5000mah Lipo (Two 6S 5000mah running in series)


4.5 inch


Qty. 5 MKS HV777A+
Qty. 5 MKS HBL380
Qty. 1 MKS HV-1250 throttle servo for gas setup

Servo Arms

Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 2" single servo arms (tapped for 3mm) for Elevators
Qty. 2 Extreme Flight1.5" single servo arms (tapped for 3mm) for Ailerons Qty. 1 Extreme Flight 4" double servo arm (tapped for 3mm) for Rudder 
Qty. 1 Extreme Flight 4" double servo arm (tapped for 3mm) for Rudder


Qty. 2 EF 48" for Elevators
Qty. 2 EF 12 inch for Ailerons
Qty. 2 EF 3 inch for Ailerons (Rx side)
Qty. 1 EF 12" for Throttle or ESC

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