DLE120 - 120cc TWIN CYLINDER Aircraft Gas Engine

DLE120 - 120cc TWIN CYLINDER Aircraft Gas Engine

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RCEXL Mini Tachometer V2.0
Rcexl Opto Gas Engine Kill Switch V2.0
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Falcon 28x10 Beechwood Prop [+$48.00]
Falcon 28x10 Carbon Fiber Prop [+$102.00]
FlowMaster 34 oz. Gas Tank [+$26.00]

50 lbs of static thrust-ideal for intense 3D manuevers
Electronic ignition for faster first time starts, smooth idling and superb throttle transition
Twin opposed cylinders reduce vibration and increase performance
Sealed crankshaft ball bearings
Alloy crankcase
Matched aluminum mufflers
Two year limited warranty through DLE-USA from date of purchase


DLE 120cc Gasoline Engine, two Mufflers, Ignition Module, two Spark Plugs, spiral Wire Wrap, Connector Clips, Instruction Manual and four 0.98" (25mm) Standoffs


87- 93 octane gasoline
2-cycle oil, mix ratio for this engine is 30 parts gas to one part oil and must be followed exactly for warranty consideration and optimum performance
Propeller: 27x10, 27x11, 28x10, 29 depending on aircraft
Ignition Battery: 6.6V


Displacement: 7.32 cu in (120cc)
Horsepower: 12HP/7,500 RPM
Idle Speed: 1300 RPM
Ignition: Electronic
Bore: 1.85" (47mm) x 2
Stroke: 1.38" (35mm)
Compression Ratio: 10.5:1
Static Thrust: 20.9 lb (9.5 kg) @ 328 feet altitude
18.7 lb (8.5 kg) @ 1,800 feet altitude
Carburetor: DLE with manual choke
Weight: Engine, 5.08lbs (2306g)
Muffler 1, 3.6 oz (103 g)
Muffler 2, 3.9 oz (111 g)
Electronic Ignition, 5.3oz (149g)
Engine Mount Standoffs: 1.4oz (141g)
Total Weight: 6.13lbs (2781g)
Fuel: 87- 93 octane gasoline with a 30:1 2-cycle oil mixture
Idle Adjustment Screw: Turn clockwise to increase idle speed, counter-clockwise to decrease idle speed
Low Speed Needle: 1.25 turns from closed
High Speed Needle: 1.5 turns from closed

Distance between Cylinder Heads: 9.8" (250mm)
Cylinder Head Diameter: 3.14" (80mm)
Standoff Length: 0.79" (20mm)
Length/back of Crankcase to Prop Drive Hub: 6.5" (166mm)
Width from Carb to Crankshaft Center: 4.6" (116mm)

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