EF - 64" MXS-EXP V2 PLUS - Green/White/Blue

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Container Offset Fee help
69" & Under [+$20.00]
Power Options
XPWR-22CC Motor Only [+$96.00]
Dualsky XM5050EA/515kv with Hobbywing Flyfun 80A HV ESC [+$150.00]
Dualsky XM5050EA/515KV - MOTOR ONLY [+$90.00]
HV Servo Savings Combos
MKS-HV747 x 4 [+$334.93]
Savox SV-1261MG x 4 [+$338.16]
Hitec HS-7245MH x 4 [+$307.96]
Savox SV-1250MG x 4 [+$246.96]
Propeller Options
Falcon 16x7 - Standard BW finish [+$12.99]
Everything Else
28AWG Lightweight Extension Package - 6" (2), 18" (1), 24" (1) [+$14.46]
Lightweight Servo Arms - 1.25" (x 4) 25T - MKS, Savox - Silver [+$23.96]
Lightweight Servo Arms - 1.25" (x 4) 25T - MKS, Savox - Blue [+$23.96]
Lightweight Servo Arms - 1.25" (x 4) 25T - MKS, Savox - Red [+$23.96]
Lightweight Servo Arms - 1.25" (x 4) 24T - Hitec [+$23.96]
Spektrum AR620 6-Channel Sport Receiver [+$39.95]

64" MXS V2 Green/Blue/White

Introducing the brand new Extreme Flight RC 64 inch Edge MXS EXP V2 ARF! Long regarded as the best aircraft to learn the basics of 3D flying, the MXS is very forgiving for novice 3D pilots yet fully capable as your skills progress. The MXS incorporates carbon fiber and G10 composites into the structure of the airframe, resulting in a lightweight, yet twist free structure capable of handling extreme aerodynamic loads. Carbon and G10 are used in high stress areas such as the landing gear mounting structure and fuselage longerons to provide enormous strength and durability. The removable wing panels are mounted on a carbon fiber wing tube and are fastened to the fuselage with our new quick mount wing latch system. All control surfaces are pushrod driven with short linkages and use ball links for slop free actuation with no binding. Optional Side Force Generators are included and add to the already generous side area, increasing yaw axis authority and adding stability in all angles of sideslip. Expertly painted fiberglass cowl and wheel pants and 2 gorgeous high visibility Ultracote color schemes add the finishing touches and make this an airplane that you will be proud to show up at the flying field with. Couple the Edge with the Xpwr 22 and be prepared for ballistic vertical performance!

MXS Spec

Assembly Video
64" MXS v2 in Action!

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