EF - 85" Extra 300 - Orange/Blue

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60-70cc Gas Engine Options
Desert Aircraft DA-50 (ships separately) [+$529.00]
Great Power GP-61 (ships separately) [+$474.99]
Flow Master 17 oz. Fuel Tank [+$22.99]
FlowMaster Fuel Line - 2 meters [+$6.99]
Tech Aero IBEC [+$39.95]
60-70cc ELECTRIC Options
Xpwr 40cc Electric Motor [+$279.93]
Blazing Star XXL Standoff Set [+$34.95]
Delivery Option
CONFIRMED Commercial Address [+$175.00]
Freight Terminal Pick Up [+$175.00]
Residential / Limited Access Delivery [+$250.00]
60-70cc Prop And Spinner Options
Falcon 23x8 Carbon Fiber GAS [+$70.00]
Falcon 22x10 Beechwood ELECTRIC [+$26.95]
EF 4" Clear Finish (carbon fiber pattern shows) [+$64.98]
EF 4" Orange / Dark Blue / Light Blue J. Bourke Extra Scheme [+$79.99]
60-70cc Servo, Arm, Extension Packages
(5) MKS-HV777A+ [+$546.20]
(1) MKS-HV1250 Throttle Servo [+$89.98]
HD Servo Arm Kit - (2) 1.5", (2) 2", (1) 4" - 25T MKS, Savox, Futaba [+$65.00]
20 AWG Extension Kit - (2) 6", (2) 12", (1) 24", (2) 48" [+$44.42]
Optional Accessories
Blue Velcro Strap - 2M x 200mm [+$5.99]
Socket Head Servo Screws - 100 count [+$4.99]

Extreme Flight 85" Extra 300 EXP

Giant Scale airframes ship via truck freight at a flat rate of $175 to a commercial business address. PLEASE NOTE: Commercial delivery business addresses are determined by the trucking company! If your business is in your home it is still considered a residential delivery by the trucking company and a $75 surcharge will be added. If the trucking company charges us the residential surcharge this same amount will be passed along to the customer.

Shipping to a residential address requires the “Residential Delivery” option to be chosen.

Extreme Flight 85" Extra 300 EXP

50cc engine owners rejoice! The brand new Extreme Flight 50cc Extra 300 EXP is here! Purpose built for the multitude of 50cc engines on the market, this brand new airframe is the perfect complement to these venerable power plants that have been neglected for far too long. Our design team started with a very specific goal with careful consideration of weight, wing area and performance parameters to make sure we delivered the ultimate light weight 50cc performance machine. We are happy to report that our lofty goals for this airframe were not only met but exceeded!

Precise, agile and aggressive yet super stable and light on the wing, the 85" Extra excels in all modern aerobatic flight regimes. With reduced control surface throws the Extra is a big pussycat and makes a great sport flyer. Crank up the rates and prepare to be amazed by the truly unlimited potential of this airframe!

The 85" Extra 300 EXP is loaded with features including advanced use of composites for a super strong, rigid, yet light weight airframe, carbon fiber wing spars, main gear, tailwheel assembly, wing and stab tubes. It features a 2 piece removable stab with internally mounted elevator servos. The Extra is available in 2 high visibility Oracover color schemes with high contrast bottom colors and a pro quality hardware package including genuine Dubro ball links. Elevators and ailerons are pre-hinged and hinge lines are sealed with Oracover, facilitating a quick assembly. Experienced modelers should be able to finish assembly in a couple evenings of relaxed shop time.

Dust off those 50cc engines that have been relegated to the shop cabinet and prepare to be blown away by the brand new Extreme Flight 50cc Extra 300 EXP!

Note: Pilot X is not included with the 85" Extra.

Jase Dussia flies the 85" Extra 300 EXP!

Download the 85" Extra 300 EXP here (Right-Click & Save As)

Product Information


Wingspan: 85.25 inches
Length: 85.25 inches (Rudder to tip of 4" spinner)
Wing Area: 1375 sq. in.
Weight: 16 - 16.5 lbs.

Gas Power System

Desert Aircraft DA 50
Prop: Carbon gas 23 x 8
FlowMaster 17 oz. fuel tank
FlowMaster 2M fuel tubing
EF Magnetic Fuel Dot

Electric Power System

Motor: Xpwr 40cc
Standoffs: Blazing Star XXL standoffs
ESC: Castle Creations HV-120
Battery: Two 6S 4000-5000 mAh batteries in series (2S)
Prop: Beechwood electric propeller: 21 x 10, 22 x 10


4 inch EF Carbon Spinner for gas or electric

Pilot X

Pilot X 1/4 scale


Modern computer radio with mixing capability


Qty. 5 full size, metal gear hi-torque servos (400 oz/in minimum). MKS 777A+ recommended.
Qty. 1 throttle servo, MKS HV-1250 recommended.

Servo Arms

Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 1.5 inch single servo arms (tapped 3mm) for ailerons
Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 2 inch single servo arms (tapped for 3mm) for elevator
Qty. 1 Extreme Flight 3 inch double servo arm (tapped for 3mm) for pull-pull rudder

Servo Extensions

Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 20 AWG 6 inch for Rx to Ailerons
Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 20 AWG 12 inch for Ailerons
Qty. 1 Extreme Flight 20 AWG 24 inch for Throttle servo
Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 20 AWG 48 inch for Elevators

Additional Items

EF anodized 3mm washer set
EF Velcro strap - black, blue or red
EF servo extension holders
EF socket head servo mounting screws

Ships in 3 Boxes

Fuse 70.5" x 18" x 15.5" @ 24lbs
Wing 43" x 25.5" x 7" @ 12lbs
Cowl 13" x 14.5" x 15" @ 4lbs

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