EF - 91" Extra 300 EXP - Red

EF - 91" Extra 300 EXP - Red

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DA70 and Slimline Mufflers [+$875.00]
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Blazing Star Mount for DA-60 [+$44.95]
Flow Master 24 oz. Fuel Tank [+$24.98]
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60-70cc ELECTRIC Options
Xpwr 60cc Electric Motor [+$319.93]
Castle Creations HV 160 ESC [+$234.99]
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Falcon 24x9 Carbon Fiber GAS [+$73.00]
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Falcon 4" Carbon Fiber 2 Blade [+$76.00]
EF 4" CF Edge Style Spinner - Standard Finish [+$60.00]
60-70cc Servo, Arm, Extension Packages
(5) MKS-HBL380 [+$854.96]
(5) MKS-HBL599 [+$854.96]
(5) MKS-HV777A+ [+$517.46]
(1) MKS-HV1250 Throttle Servo [+$75.00]
MKS 380 Servo Arm Kit - (3) 1.5", (2) 2" - X8 for MKS 380 [+$102.00]
HD Servo Arm Kit - (2) 1.5", (2) 2", (1) 4" - 25T MKS, Savox, Futaba [+$65.00]
20 AWG Extension Kit - (2) 6", (2) 12", (1) 24", (2) 48" [+$44.42]
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The Extreme Flight 91" 300 EXP

When Extreme Flight released our first EXP series aircraft in 2009, the 48 inch Extra 300EXP, it was met with great enthusiasm from the RC community at large and has become one of our best sellers to date. Since then the EXP line-up has grown considerably and this designation has become recognized worldwide as the gold standard in high performance 3D and precision aerobatic aircraft.

The 91" EXTRA 300EXP builds upon this legacy. Taking cues from the multiple EXP models that preceded its release, the 91" Extra 300EXP incorporates all of the unique features that make the EXP line-up so successful.

The first thing you'll notice is the EXP size control surfaces, which on an aircraft this size are simply gargantuan! Extreme pitch, yaw and roll authority are the backbone of aggressive 3D flying and the 91" Extra delivers like no other. Of course for the aircraft to survive the aggressive maneuvers that these huge surfaces allow, extra special attention must be given to the design of the aircraft. The 91" Extra's wing uses a carbon fiber wing tube joiner, square carbon fiber tube main spars, a secondary hardwood spar in the D tube forward section of the wing and extensive use of shear webbing to provide a rigid and structurally sound wing capable of handling the most aggressive maneuvers.
Just like its smaller EXP siblings, the 91" Extra features carbon fiber longerons, which add an enormous amount of strength and rigidity to the fuselage and make it much easier to handle during transport. A full length tuned pipe tunnel is also built into the fuselage structure, and a cover is included which allows easy access for mounting the pipe or canister muffler.

The 91" Extra features a one piece fiberglass cowl which mounts easily using a pre-installed cowl ring and 2 bolts for attaching to the fuselage. A beautiful set of airfoiled carbon fiber main gear are included as well as a complete hardware package which consists of a carbon wing and stab tube, carbon fiber tailwheel assembly, Dubro ball links, titanium turnbuckle pushrods, dual truss G10 composite control horns, wheels, axles, a Pilot X helmet head figure, detailed instrument panel, wing and stab bags and a canopy cover. Also included are a set of removeable Side Force Generators(SFG's) to expand the flight envelope of the Extra.
The Extra is available in 2 gorgeous highly visible Ultracote color schemes. If you are truly serious about your hobby and demand the best in quality, performance, value and support, the new Extreme Flight 91" Extra 300EXP delivers the goods!

Hugo Chapis flying the 91" Extra 300 EXP

Product Information


Wingspan: 91 inches
Length: 90 inches
Wing Area: 1650 sq. in.
Weight: 18.5-19.5 lbs

Gas Power Sytem

50cc - 60cc Gas
Desert Aircraft DA-50, DA-60 and DA-70 are all excellent options

Electric Power System

Xpwr 60cc electric motor
Castle Creations Edge HV-160 ESC
Electric beechwood electric propeller: 23 x 10, 24 x 10, 24 x 12

Radio System

Modern computer radio with channel mixing capability


Qty. 5 high torque, Metal gear servos (300+ oz. in.) on control surfaces. MKS HV777A+ (recommended), HBL 380, Hitec 7950, 7955, JR 8711HV, Futaba BLS 157, Futaba S9157, etc. are all possible options

Servo Arms

Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 1.5 inch single servo arms (tapped 3mm) for Ailerons
Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 2 inch single servo arms (tapped for 3mm) for Elevators
Qty. 1 Extreme Flight 1.5 inch single servo arms (tapped for 3mm) for Rudder

Servo Extensions

Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 20 awg 6 inch (Rx to wing root)
Qty. 1 Extreme Flight 20 awg 24 inch (throttle servo or ESC)
Qty. 2 Extreme Flight 20 awg 48 inch (Elevators)

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