EF Padded Stab Bag - 60cc

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Extreme Flight Padded Stab Bags - 50cc size

In our continuous search for better products to support your (and our) hobby, Extreme Flight has developed a new line of wing bags. These bags are well built to protect your models wings, wing tube and SFG's from damage during transportation and the inevitable hanger rash! We are happy to offer stab bags to go along with our popular wing bags!

Features include foam and fleece lined compartments for stabilizers, separated with a divider to protect the stabs from touching each other. Sturdy zippers and nylon handles complete the stab bag for a rugged, easy to handle package. Carabiners are included to attach to the EF wing bags!

Upgrade your model's stab bags today!

Perfect for the 91" Extra, 91" Laser, 91" Yak, 92" Edge, etc.

Product Information

Stab Bag Dimensions - 50cc

Length: 24 inches
Stab root height: 18 inches
Stab tip height: 15 inches

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