Holy Smokes - Complete Smoke System

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Uniquely designed carbon fiber housing for a super strong and easy to mount unit
Works with gasoline, glow or turbine engines
OEM spec. 800KV Brushless Motor / 15A ESC
Input Voltage - 2s-3s Lithium Polymer, 12.6v max
Current draw 300-600mah
Length - 3.5"
Diameter - 1.75"
Weight - 1.94oz
Separate power and signal leads - 2.4ghz receiver power requires no auxiliary battery
Adjustable flow rate through Throttle to Smoke Mixing

- Holy Smokes Pump
- Plumbing Kit
- (1) Tee Fitting
- (1) Inline filter w/stainless steel screen
- (2) Check valve w/Viton Diaphragm
- (1) Viton tubing section

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