Kavan - 5 inch scale treaded wheel - PAIR

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Kavan Scale AirWheels

Designed to safely absorb the shock associated with landing large or heavy model airplanes.   

Available in two styles: 
Scale TREADED AirWheels sport a modern appearance with longitudinally grooved tires.  
Scale BALLOON AirWheels give a more vintage appearance with smooth tires.   

Tires inflate using a bicycle pump to a MAXIMUM of 1 bar (14 psi).  

Includes high quality Delrin® adapters for 3/16“ axles (can easily be drilled to 5mm) and Delrin® adapters for 6 mm axles (can easily be drilled to 1/4“).  

Diameter - 5” 
Width - 1.9” 
Weight - 2.6oz (each)  

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