LUCID RC Flight Lights 60" - 78" (MEDIUM)

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Night flight lighting for large models. Enormously bright and light solution for illuminating large aerobatic machines or other aircraft with a wingspan of 1.5M - 2.3m.  Lightweight one-piece design with no additional drivers reduces annoying points of failure.  

The radiators are operated on 2s LiPo batteries and are cooled in flight by the air flowing around them. Therefore, they should only be switched on briefly on the ground. 

The set contains 2 spotlights, each equipped with 2 super-bright LEDs on each end.  They will require soldering the power connectors of your choice.


(Length X Width X Height) 213x44x7 (mm)


12g per radiator

Power supply:

2S Lipo (7.0V to 8.4V)


12W @ 8.4V

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