Multiplex Indoor Challenger Biplane

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Hitec Servo Combo (HS65HB x1, HS45HB x 2) [+$54.00]
APC 8x4.1 SF 3D (2 Pack) - for use on 3s LiPo [+$5.00]
Tattu 450mAh 11.1V 45C 3S1P Lipo JST Plug (ideal for outdoor) [+$11.00]
Gens ace 450mAh 7.4V 45C 2S1P with JST-SYP Plug [+$10.00]
BEACON FOAM TAC (glue) - 1oz. [+$9.00]


  • Unlimited 3D Performance
  • Responsive Control Surfaces 
  • Ultra Durable EPP Foam/Carbon Fiber Construction
  • Vibrant Color Scheme

Video Overview

Multiplex’s spirited new bi-plane brings the joy and thrill of 3D aerobatics to both beginner and advanced pilots, looking for easy flying fun in an indoor foamie. Made of space-efficient, flat EPP with colorful pre-printed schemes, the Challenger’s two large wings and robust fuselage allow for low airspeeds in all manner of flight conditions. Large control surfaces and a new 3S power system that flies on 3S 350-500mah LiPo batteries allow for effortless maneuverability and terrific 3D aerobatics.

Wingspan:33.5 in (850mm)
Overall Length:35 in (890mm)
All-up Weight:8 oz (225g)
Control Functions:Aileron / Elevator / Rudder / Throttle
Optional Control Functions:N/A
Flight Characteristics:Unlimited 3D Aerobatics
Target User:Intermediate / Advanced
Radio System (# of Channels / Hitec Equivalent):4 Channels / Hitec Flash 7 or Higher
Receiver:4 Channels / Hitec Minima 6 or Higher
Battery:3S 350-500 mAh LiPo
Battery Charger:Hitec POWER PEAK E7

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