SW - 116" Extra NG - Silver/Red Scheme by Matt Stringer

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150-170cc Gas Engine Options
DA170 and Stock Mufflers [+$1,875.00]
GP178 and Mufflers [+$1,575.00]
Tech Aero IBEC [+$39.95]
150-170cc Servo, Arm, Extension Package
MKS Servo Package - MKS-HBL3850+ x 7 (Surfaces) MKS-HV1250 x 1 (Throttle Servo) [+$1,415.42]
MKS X8 Servo Arm Package - 2" X 7 (REQUIRED WITH 3850'S) [+$132.93]
Savox Servo Package - SB2290SG x 7 (Surfaces) SC1267SG x 1 (Throttle Servo) [+$1,006.92]
HD 25 Tooth Servo Arm Kit (PUSH/PULL) - (7) 2" - BLACK [+$79.00]
HD 25 Tooth Servo Arm Kit (PUSH/PULL) - (7) 2" - BLUE [+$79.00]
HD 25 Tooth Servo Arm Kit (PUSH/PULL) - (7) 2" - SILVER [+$79.00]
HD 25 Tooth Servo Arm Kit (PUSH/PULL) - (7) 2" - RED [+$79.00]
20 AWG 36" Extension x 3 - (outer aileron servos, throttle servo) [+$17.00]
Dual Servo Harness x 2 (for easy field assembly) [+$33.96]
Delivery Option
CONFIRMED Commercial Address [+$175.00]
Freight Terminal Pick Up [+$175.00]
Residential / Limited Access Delivery [+$250.00]
150-170cc Prop Options
Falcon 30x13 Carbon Fiber [+$113.50]
Falcon 31x12 Carbon Fiber [+$119.00]
Falcon 32x10 Carbon Fiber [+$128.00]

Flat rate shipping to a VERIFIED COMMERCIAL ZONED address is $175.  Shipping to a RESIDENTIAL address REQUIRES the additional $75 Residential Delivery option to be selected as it is charged by the freight companies.

SKYWING 116" Extra NG

Working with Matt Stringer we created a modern but elegant nod to the full scale Extra NG scheme and colors

NEXT GENERATION advanced construction for today's demanding pilots

PATENTED quick assembly canopy, wings and elevator systems EXCLUSIVE to Skywing

Fast assembly time with pre-hinged and pre-sealed ailerons and elevators

Carbon Fiber landing gear and tailwheel assembly

Factory assembled detailed canopy interior

Removable rudder via single rudder pin hinge

Incredible value: INCLUDES MATCHING SPINNER, fuel tank, fuel line, fuel and vent dot, wing and stab bags, as well as preinstalled high quality extensions.

Wingspan: 116 in.
Length: 112 in.
Wing Area: 2232.8 sq in
Weight: 37.5-38.5 lbs.

(1) 150-170cc Gas Engine
(1) Carbon Propeller (30x13, 31x12, 32x10)
(1) Digital High Speed Throttle Servo
(7) Digital High Torque Metal Gear Servos (minimum 700oz each)
(7-8) 2" Arms - tapped for 3mm hardware (ailerons x 4, elevator x 2, rudder x 1 or 2)
(1) 36" Extensions - throttle
(2) 36" Extensions - outer ailerons
(2) Dual Servo Harnesses - easy assembly at the field
Receiver, Battery Packs, Switches, ETC.

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