SW - 48" Laser 260 V2 - WHITE/RED (C)

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69" & Under [+$20.00]
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Dualsky GA800 850kv [+$58.99]
Hobbywing Platinum Pro 60A V4 Brushless ESC [+$59.99]
Hobbywing Multifunction LCD Professional Program Box [+$28.99]
Falcon BW 13x6.5 - ELECTRIC [+$11.99]
Servo Combos
(4) MKS - DS6100 [+$161.50]
(4) Savox SH-0255MG [+$140.56]

SKYWING 48" Laser 260

Product Information
Foam skin over balsa/carbon construction
Newest version with quick assembly wing locks
Factory assembled detailed canopy interior
Pre-baffled cowling for maximum motor cooling
Incredible value with carbon fiber wing tube and landing gear.  

Wingspan: 48 in.
Length: 47 in.
Weight: 44-46oz depending on battery

(4) Metal Gear Digital High Torque MICRO Servos
(1) 40-60a brushless ESC
(1) Dualsky GA800 850kv 
(1) 12x6 or 13x6.5 electric propeller
(1) 4s 2200-2600mah LiPo battery
(1) 57mm spinner

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