Xoar 16X6 PJN - Beechwood - ELECTRIC

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XOAR laminated propellers are only made of the best quality plywood.  Each layer is no thicker than 1mm and the best combination of wood and glue ensuring its excellent physical property in minimizing elongation, breakpoint and distortion rate.


After approving the design in digital imaging, it is transferred into the CNC manufacturing program where it comes into shape.  Each prop is then manually finished to reach perfect surface smoothness and balance.


During the coating process, 2 layers of primer and 2 layers of glossy protection are applied in order to prevent corrosion.  Once again, each Xoar prop is manually rebalanced.  Spot checks are performed to each batch by randomly selecting props to be put on an actual engine for rotating balance and quietness.

A final balance check is still recommended before flight.


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