Xpwr 32CC Motor

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Xpwr 32CC Motor

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Extreme Flight is thrilled to announce the release of the brand new Xpwr 32cc Brushless Outrunner. The Xpwr 32 replaces the Xpwr 30 and is designed to aggressively over power aerobatic aircraft in the 10-12 pound range or provide excellent power for sport and scale aircraft up to 15 pounds. This ultra-powerful, efficient and reliable power plant is the perfect companion to our 70-74" airframes.

The Xpwr 32 is based on the design of the larger Xpwr 35cc, 40cc, and 60cc motors. It features a large concentric rear bearing that stabilizes the rotating can, providing much needed support during high G gyroscopic maneuvers. It's unique design allows efficient operation and cool running temperatures, resulting in longer flight times and motor longevity.


Weight, complete: 550g
KV: 220
Props: 19x10, 20x8 wood or carbon electric
Lipo: 12s 3300-4400mah
Max watts: 3600
Max amps: 85
Castle ESC setup: Firmware 4.22
Motor Timing: Normal (5)
Motor Timing: Normal (5)

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